Pledger Africa is passionate about empowering Philanthropy in Africa


The aim of Pledger Africa is to facilitate the optimal use of  gratuitous voluntary services available to the public benefit sector by assisting public benefit, non-profit, non – governmental,  benevolent,  charitable  and  philanthropic  organisations  with online and other  “needs” advertising.


The vision of Pledger Africa is to sensitise the public and the corporate world to the nature of the resources and services required in the public benefit sector and encourage the volunteering of services and other resources without consideration or remuneration or on a non-profit basis and promote a culture of collective “caring” amongst individuals and corporate South Africans.


Pledger Africa’s mission is to provide a high quality, informative “go to” platform where individuals and corporations can interact with the non-profit sector in the spirit of shared resources and collectivism.

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