Catherine Healey BA(Hon’s), PGCE (FE),FMC
Catherine wants to live in a world where every dull space is painted with colourful murals and books come bundled with slabs of mature cheese. She loves justice, is a shameless idealist and knows that the world is only ever changed through action not opinion.
A passionate leader with deep practical & global experience her boundless energy brings extraordinary results. A dynamic communicator with over 25 years of experience in community development, she has worked for local government, corporates, NGO’s, schools and churches around the world. Often in the media, Catherine has featured, on TV in the UK and Africa and is a regular presenter on radio.
Currently running 3 companies and 2 charities, Catherine has 2 children,2 dogs and just the 1 amazingly patient husband! When she’s not championing great causes, she can be found optimistically checking her mailbox for brown paper packages tied up with string.
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