Nicola is the founder of Pledger and a big believer in collectivism, shared purpose and community mobilisation. She has spent the last six years developing and teaching workshops for youth, fundraising for various causes and working on translation projects.

Coming from an academic Linguistic and CDA background, Nicola realised that her belief in the power of communication and her love for community empowerment could work in harmony. Pledger is hence the brainchild of that realisation and aims to marry ICT, PPPs and philanthropy in an effort to strengthen interconnectedness in Africa.

Nicola, a Golden Key Society member, holds a BA Honour’s in Critical Discourse Analysis from University of Witwatersrand and is currently completing a PDM in Public and Development Management through the Wits School of Governance. She intends on continuing her studies in the philanthropy space, with Pledger as the conduit for knowledge.

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